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Prof. Corneille AHANHANZO (Country Team Leader-BENIN)

Pr. Corneille AHANHANZO is has worked in the fields of professional activities as a Teacher and researcher in Plant Biotechnology, Genetics, Biosecurity, Phytopathology and Plant Breeding. He has also carried out research and development work on the improvement of the phytosanitary quality of planting material in vegetatively propagated species such as cassava, yam, pineapple, banana, sweet potato and taro. Also, He has worked on the production of efficient seeds and genetically homogeneous by micropropagation of elite genotypes in mahogany, teak, surf tree and basilicas.

Professor AHANHANZO CORNEILLE is  Professor in Plant Biotechnology and Plant Genetic Improvement, Specialized Technical Committee, Natural Sciences Section, Agronomy is a Researcher Professor, Director of the Central Plant Biotechnology and Plant Improvement Laboratory, the National Coordinator of the West African Virus Epidemiology Project (WAVE), the UEMOA Biosafety Consultant, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the WAPP. He is also the Program Manager at the Benin Center for Scientific Research and Innovation (CBRSI).

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